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Paddington 2

Paddington 2 opens with Paddington settled into a nice life with the Brown family. His Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday is coming up, and he wants to give her a present fit for the occasion. Her dream had always been to visit London, and when Paddington finds an old popup book of London landmarks, he becomes determined to find a job, earn some money, and buy the book. Unfortunately, the book is stolen, Paddington is wrongfully blamed, and suddenly the loveable little bear is doing hard time in a British prison. But within days, the perpetually cheerful and optimistic Paddington has converted the prison kitchen into a fancy bakery. Seems a lot of the prisoners remember their grand mum’s recipe for one pastry or another. Hey, it’s a kid’s movie, and that’s simply the sort of thing that happens. Back at home, the Brown family tries mightily to find the real thief and clear Paddington’s name.

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