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The Tick coming soon

The Tick Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video August 25

Last year, Amazon’s original pilot gave us our first look at a new, live action incarnation of The Tick. (See my review here.) Since then, Tick fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the first season. Well, the wait will soon be over. The Tick, Season 1 will be available on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, August 25.

Will it live up to hopes and expectations? We’ll all find out very soon.

Check it out on Amazon Video.

The Dark Tower – Like Watching People You Don’t Know Play Dungeons and Dragons

The Dark Tower incorporates elements from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger and other novels in the series into a condensed/derivative story for protagonist Roland Deschain, the titular gunslinger (Idris Elba). There’s a Dark Tower that protects various parallel universes, including ours, from a dimension full of demons. The Man in Black (aka Walter, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey) wants to destroy the tower and let the demons in. His plan involves strapping children into a big psychic cannon, painfully extracting their psychic energy, and blasting the tower with it. Roland, once a member of the mystical, knights-of-the-round-table-like order of Gunslingers, is a broken man simply bent on revenge. Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) is a kid in present day New York with massive psychic ability who sees visions of all of this, but no one believes him, so he is subjected to escalating levels of psychiatric treatment.

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